Make Art In Boston

About the

Art For A Change 


As artists sometimes we need a new place to go to awaken and explore different aspects of our creativity.


At Art For A Change studio you will have access to an unusual creative space to delve into your creative process in a new way.


You will have access to an etching press, silkscreen materials, basic drawing and painting materials, a small darkroom (for people with experience with using one), and a community kitchen.

The residencies are for 1-2 weeks and are only available for a single artist or an artist with his or her partner. This is a workspace only. Hotels are close by.

Take advantage of being in a city filled with culture! 

The studio is on the bus line and close to Harvard Square, Boston College and Boston University as well as several other colleges. 


The Museum of Fine Arts, The Institute of Contemporary Art, The Gardner Museum, Harvard Art Museums and so much more!