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Art For A Change Studio is one of a kind. Enter the lime green and orange Victorian in the heart of Brighton Center and be transported into a world of creativity and exploration. Learn to let go of pre-conceived notions about what art is, what “Good” art is, how one “should” make art and enter a studio space that exposes each and every person to a new way of thinking about the creative process and the power and potential of art. Art For A Change Studio is a space where kids, teens and adults can explore a variety of media in an open-ended process oriented approach where experimentation is encouraged and mistakes can lead to new and powerful discoveries. 

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is about PROCESS

Delving into the unknown students explore the creative process. Art For A Change Studio is like a lab and real artists studio more than a school. There is an emphasis on experimentation: trying new materials, color mixtures, mixing new mediums together, trying things and not knowing what will happen and creating and solving visual problems. The teachers at Art For A Change are professional artists and use their expertise to teach, coach and guide students to finding and discovering their own expressive capacities. The goal is not to get everyone to make art that looks the same but to find what makes us different and reveal that through our artwork.

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"The classes at the Studio are like nowhere else in town. The kids aren't forced to stick with one media but explore the creative process using a wide range of media. They LOVE Art For A Change Studio and the lime green house it is in!"

—Mom of two students

“Viewers are invited to sit down and scribble in a central “drawing Space.” Circling the space are works by several artists who draw daily, with descriptions in each case how mark making led to creating a work of art. There’s also the audio sound of drawing. The emphasis on process reminds us that everybody can draw, and many derive pleasure from it. Putnoi includes a video projection of her hand sketching; it’s captivating to watch forms arise."

                                                                                                                          —Boston Globe

The Drawing Mind is open, curious and nonjudgmental. Connecting to that part of ourselves can help to improve negative body image, which lives in judgement, rigidity and narrow thinking. Drawing is a healthy way to express your emotions and cope with stress.

                                                                                                                            —Psychcentral blog